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In a nutshell, here’s what I do:

  • WordPress websites and plugins to do whatever you need, as well as flexible WordPress support packages
  • React – everything from user interfaces to full-scale web apps
  • Advanced web audio and sound design
  • Laravel – including Livewire and Inertia apps
  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS to a very high standard
  • I have advanced experience of integrating services such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean Spaces, Google Cloud, Open AI etc. and am very comfortable with collaborative tools like GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear and Trello.
  • I make a damn good cup of tea and have good drone playlists for coders (AI can’t do this).

You can read a bit more about my journey as a developer if you like.

My grandfather bought me a BBC micro when I was 8 years old. Days and weeks disappeared as I animated little scenes frame by frame, adding sound effects and eventually presenting them to my family. My dad called me “the crinkle cut chip brain” – yeah, back then parents really didn’t get it. I still have that BBC in its box.

Music became my hobby as a teenager. After leaving Edinburgh University where I studied Japanese, I became a professional musician. I needed a new hobby – which ended up being Flash. Once again, days and weeks disappeared as I made all kinds of crazy stuff for a brand new internet, in the days where you did things just because you could. I do miss those days.

Now it’s 2024 and the net is pretty boring to be honest. However, there’s still a chance in every project to learn something new and to do something as well as it can possibly be done. In an age where AI can do it all quickly, you’ve got to remember that AI just doesn’t give care about you or your product. I do, and that’s the difference. I obsess over details and really enjoy collaboration, which is why I still love doing this.

The “vapour moon” effect on this site was inspired by a CodePen sketch of Karim Maaloul – a superb artist with whom I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate on The Cursed Library and The Trial.